About Me


Hi, my name is Michala Senarsky (LPC), and I thrive on interacting with people of varied backgrounds. I see my relationship with you as an attempt to truly understand your emotional needs and life motivations.


My goal is to act as an avenue through which you may enable and empower yourself to uncover your individual needs and desires, and to help you to realize your own life answers and your potential for happiness.


I am a firm believer in ‘Brief Solution Focused Therapy’ — a way to assist you with your immediate needs, with a goal of 8-10 weeks to help bring about a resolution.


I focus on individual counseling with adult populations.
I have an extensive background in treating depression and anxiety.


“Each person is an island unto himself, in a very real sense; and he can only build bridges to other islands if he is first of all willing to be himself and permitted to be himself.”
Carl R. Rogers




  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • Relationship and Family Problems (Addressed Individually)
  • Career/Vocational Counseling
  • Employment Assistance Program (Short-term, 3 to 6  Session Counseling)
  • Criminal Background/Corrections Counseling